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Friday, October 31, 2008

LG Decoy VX8610 Verizon Cdma Phone

LG Decoy Cdma Phone

LG Decoy Cdma Phone
Decoy by LG is the one of the first music phones with a built–in detachable Bluetooth wireless headset! The sleek slider Decoy shows off its stuff with a mirror–like finish and 5–way joystick like Directional Key on the front, and a discreet, built–in headset on the back. LG's Decoy will provide you with powerful entertainment features: like a music player, 2.0 Megapixel camera/camcorder and microSD memory port. This Cdma Phone is a flawless combination of convenience and cutting–edge technology.

LG Decoy Cdma Phone Verizon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motorola KRZR K1m MOTOKRZR FIRE Red Verizon CDMA Phone

Mot0KRZR K1m Cdma Phone

Motorola MotoKrzr K1m Cdma Mobile Phone:
The Motokrzr Cdma Phone is only 16mm deep and the cool blue exterior will definitely turn heads in a crowd. The 176 by 220 screen resolution displays characters and images in sharp resolution. There are two displays on this phone, the first is an external screen that displays a minimal amount of information but rather is there to give the time and notify you of incoming texts and calls. The main display is where you do most of the interaction with the phone.

Motorola Krzr K1M Cdma

Monday, October 20, 2008

What is CDMA Technology? How does it work? What is a CDMA Unlocked Phone?

How Cdma Works

CDMA is an Acronym for Code-Division Multiple Access, a digital cellular technology that uses spread-spectrum techniques. Unlike competing systems, such as GSM, that use TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), CDMA does not assign a specific frequency to each user. Instead, every channel uses the full available spectrum. Individual conversations are encoded with a pseudo-random digital sequence (truly random digital sequence isn't possible). CDMA is suppose to consistently provides better capacity for voice and data communications than other commercial mobile technologies, allowing more subscribers to connect at any given time, and it is the common platform on which 3G technologies are built (today may GSM phones also come with 3G technology).

CDMA is a military technology that was first used during World War II by English allies to foil German attempts at jamming transmissions. The allies decided to transmit over several frequencies, instead of one, making it difficult for the Germans to pick up the complete signal. Because Qualcomm created communications chips for CDMA technology, it was privy to the classified information. Once the information became public, Qualcomm claimed patents on the technology and became the first to commercialize it.

In the United States the best known mobile carriers who uses CDMA technology are Sprint, Verizon Boost Mobile, Altell at al. get it now Verizon is what some "verizonied" friends have told me. Verizon cellular or Verizon mobile technology sounds great but when I had it a couple of years ago I didn’t get great single on my Verizon lg or my audiovox cell phones. I had to constantly leave my house and stand in my backyard to talk to friends this left a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to Verizon service but most of my friends who have it and live in "normal places" has they tell me have no problem with Verizon it works for them great. I've not written Verizon off completely after all my experience was at least 10 years ago and I m sure they've improved in my area. So if I start having problems with my currently company I will give them a try one more time (pre-paid of course) to test their service.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BlackBerry Curve 8330 cdma smart phone

BlackBerry Curve 8330 cdma smart phone

The BlackBerry® Curve 8330 smart phone delivers on the BlackBerry promise with no compromises. BlackBerry push technology is designed to deliver emails to your smartphone as they arrive so you read and respond to them. And its applications work together so you can email a web page to one of your contacts while you're browsing the web, or listen to music as you read and respond to your emails. In addition to the push technology reliability, the Curve also offers VZ Navigator, BroadbandAccess Connect and a 2 megapixel camera with flash. These powerful features round out the total package that the sleek and elegantly–designed Curve offers.

BlackBerry Curve 8330 cdma smart phone